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  4. This grey day has got us wanting a little getaway.

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  5. Happy Friday!

  6. from the Xirena Summer 2013 Lookbook

  7. from the Xirena Summer 2013 Lookbook

  8. from the Xirena Summer 2013 Lookbook

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    Admit it: You’ve stripped down to your skivvies for those unexpected house party hot tubs more than once. But if you were wearing Xirena, a line of hybrid lingerie and swim separates, you’d always be prepared for impromptu dips.

    Designer Dierdre Roffoni’s summer 2012 collection features a seemingly unending array of melon-hued color blocking and paisley and animal prints that function as both underwear and swimwear.

    “Our lifestyles are ever-changing and convenience is a necessity now,” Roffoni says. “All styles can be worn at the beach during the day, then out to lunch with a tee and even later with a sheer dress.”

    Roffoni suggests wearing colorful bottoms with distressed tees and sandals, bra tops under tanks with low-cut arms. Just be careful: suddenly every body of water will be begging for a swim.

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  10. from the Xirena Summer 2013 Lookbook